Thursday, September 29th

2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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Shipping challenges: finance, costs, regulations and more

The systemic and economic challenges facing shipping in its various articulations, from ships to ports, constitute a potentially explosive mixture for the economic equilibrium of individual companies and for industry. Shipping operators complain about the new direct rules aimed at the sustainability of the sector, without perceiving that they are fundamental to protect it from disruptive, non-industry influenced, supranational policies. Much more difficult to incorporate into the strategies of companies and the industry is the development, sometimes not very transparent, of rules intended to constrain financial investments under certain conditions, which go under the acronym ESG. In Italian ports, the recent Reform does not seem to have led to changes to the substance of the regulatory cage, so as to call for a reform of the reform (which is not fully applied) extended to the laws and regulations relating to the life of ports. The very few Port Authorities that have managed to develop their own structures have done so under a different or simplified ad-hoc regime of regulations for this second part of the cage, a solution that encounters deep-
rooted resistance. Given the looming of a possible "European" reform.


  • National, European and supranational regulations
  • Funding and taxonomy
  • The reform of the Italian port reform
  • Cost structures
  • Alliances or oligopolies
  • The race for vertical and horizontal integrations
  • The many meanings of Italianness in shipping


Gian Enzo Duci, Professor, Università degli Studi di Genova

The transposition of EU regulations and the supply chain vertical integration
Alberto Rossi, General Secretary, Assarmatori

Future Strategies: the IGT Port (Intermodal, Green and Terribly connected)
Olimpia Ferrara, Head of Maritime Economy Observatory, SRM

Title TBA
Paolo Gentili, Director, PwC Italia ESG Climate Change

Tarros Group: Mediterranean Logistics Solutions
Danilo Ricci, General Manager, Tarros

Maritime sector and competition law: limits and opportunities arising from antitrust regulation
Francesco Anglani, Partner, BonelliErede

Title TBA
Mario Enrico Disegni, Maritime & Ports Advisory Body President,  Fedespedi  

Credit with the wind at the stern. Is it possible?
Giampaolo Ambrosi, General Director, Fido Impresa 

Port dredging: a case study in Port of Naples and sustainable technologies
Vittorio Pasquino, Technical Officer, Central Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority 

Regulatory Pattern for Sustainable Finance: overlapping of rules in the mess
Fabrizio Vettosi, Shipping Finance WG Chairman, ECSA