Friday, September 30th

9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Over&under the sea forum

Since the mid-19th century, the quantity and diversity of marine resources has only grown, as has their importance. To list them today, we start from below the level of the fund, with oil and gas, then on the seabed, where tens of billions of tons of metal nodules rest that no one seems to want to exploit for now. There also lay pipelines for hydrocarbons, cables for data and for electricity, the importance of which isdestined to grow. Biological resources swim and station in the water, of which those intercepted by fishingare a small but impactful part. Finally, surface waters, the largest solar collector on the planet, whose energy the sea returns in the form of wind, and now also as a "base" for floating photovoltaics. Immense resources, which translate into wealth and therefore in competition for exploitation. Competitions that the international system tries hard to channel into the EEZ mechanism. Italy, as in many other sectors, does not seem to be interested and the sometimes-grotesque consequences are starting to unravel.


  • The Italian Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Fishing rights, new challenges from new players
  • Liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, the revolution of the Mediterranean offshore
  • Submarine oil and gas pipelines
  • The data cables, at the end of the fiber
  • The mainland-mainland power lines and the wind farms-mainland
  • The floating wind revolution and green hydrogen
  • Floating photovoltaics
  • Offshore operations; from maintenance to safety and the protection of new surface and submerged marine resources
  • The Italian maritime sector facing the opportunity of the "new offshore"


Lucia Nappi, Director, Corriere marittimo

Security in the “wider Mediterranean”: the role of the Italian Navy
Massimiliano Lauretti, Marina Militare Italiana
Daniele Panebianco, Marina Militare Italiana

Exclusive Economic Zone of Italy: energy installations, dispute with Algeria
Adm. Fabio Caffio, Admiral (ret.), Marina Militare Italiana 

Title TBA
Speech by Port Authorities – Coast Guard

The role of Italy on giving a future to the Mediterranean fisheries
Fabrizio De Pascale, National Secretary, UILA Pesca

The natural gas potential of the Italian seas
Ferdinando Franco Cazzini, Professor, Università degli Studi di Pavia

An Italian offshore windpower supply chain: does it exist in first place?
Luigi Severini, Engineer, iLStudio Engineering & Consulting Studio

Hydronet: The Internet Underwater
Tommaso Melodia, CEO, Hydronet