Thursday, September 29th

2:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Conference with simultaneous translation in English and available in streaming

Next Generation Shipping

Shipping is in the midst of innovation, in all fields well beyond decarbonisation. A very defined development trend is that of on-board automation, with the aim of further reducing the need for personnel on long stretches of ocean routes, and involving not only navigation (autonomous or remotely piloted ships) but also in on-board management, through IoT, high-density dedicated wireless networks capable of covering the entire load of a large container ship (or cruise passengers), edge computing for data consolidation, blockchain for their integrity, new low-altitude satellite internet connections, augmented reality and teleoperators for maintenance, and so forth. The growing level of geopolitical and economic competition, the spread of piracy near chokepoints or transit areas, the greater technological sophistication of criminal groups, the growing threat of undeclared asymmetric warfare: all these factors suggest that even commercial shipping will have to move in a non-safe environment, for example in positioning and navigation, since more than thirty years taken for granted with GNSS. Abbreviations such as Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing will become familiar, and all the same for inertial systems, robotic self- defence systems. And drones and anti-drones everywhere.


  • Evolutions in communication and navigation systems: from low-altitude satellite communications to alternatives to GNSS
  • Crypto e blockchain
  • Augmented reality
  • Cloud platforms
  • Digital twins
  • Edge computing and the Internet of things
  • Maritime autonomous system
  • Cybersecurity
  • Drones and atmospheric platforms for the security and safety of navigation and ports
  • Self-defence and anti-drone systems


Umberto D’Amato, Technical Director, Ships Surveys and Service

European Project MEDBAN: Business Acceleration Model in the European industrial ecosystem of the Blue Economy
Mario Mattioli, President, Federazione del Mare

LEO satellite communication systems
Marco Moretti, Professor, Università di Pisa

RINA solutions towards the shipping evolution
Giuseppe Zagaria, Technical Director, RINA 

Genova Blue District: Ecosystem and first results
Francesco Maresca, Assessor for Port, Heritage, Sea and Fishing, Municipality of Genoa

Moving the maritime industry towards greater cyber resilience
Philippe Vaquer, Cyber Security Operations Manager, Bureau Veritas 

Title TBA
Giacomo Pepe Benedetti, Project Manager, Start 4.0

A proposal for the Italian MASS Test Area
Salvatore Mauro, Researcher, CNR-INM

Emerging Threats and emerging soluzions _C-UAS for harbour surveillance
Lorenzo Baldisserri, EW Scientist C-UAS and Command and Control, Elettronica

Technological innovation as a strategic approach to the global market
Francesco Lupo, Senior Consultant, Jucari Global 

Electric and hybrid propulsion – Operational impact of direct electric drive
Leif Olausson, Technical Sales Engineer, Kongsberg Maritime

Digital tool in the shipping company
Alberto Portolano, Manager – Energy Saving, R&D, Ship design, Grimaldi 

Title TBA
Lorenzo Zeppa, Director, Xenia Creative Team

Extended Realities & Metaverse: Success Stories and New Possibilities for Maritime Education
Valeria Pizziol, Content Coordinator, ETT