Friday, September 30th

3:30 a.m. - 5.15 p.m.
Conference with simultaneous translation in English and available in streaming


The short-term solution for the energy transition towards decarbonisation is also starting to take hold in Italy, driven by the cruise sector, which has long since chosen LNG to propel the generation of ships that is entering service. After some attempts for traditional solutions, such as coastal deposits blocked by different types of resistances, the new projects are based on mobile storage and supply. The post-pandemic inflationary crisis, and the urge to reduce the geopolitical risk of supplies, has reshuffled the cards, linking the maritime use of natural gas with industrial and electricity generation. Mobile storage systems and equally mobile regasifiers are now a de facto couple, while future fixed regasifiers can become hubs for the maritime use of liquid raw material and constitute, as Germany envisages, an intermediate step towards production, or storage and distribution of hydrogen-based energy carriers. In the meantime, LNG has already become a central issue for the nation's energy security, also changing the perspective with which to look at resistance against its spread.


  • The situation of LNG in the Mediterranean
  • The shipowners’ strategy for LNG
  • An Italian fleet of LNG carriers?
  • The strategy of the suppliers
  • Operational projects and programs in Italy
  • Technologies for storage and supply
  • Mobile and fixed regasifiers and energy security
  • Certifications and safety


Mario Dogliani, Presidente, SDG4MED

The importance of the training of personnel in service on gas carriers and LNG powered vessels
Luca Apicella, R&D Manager, Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile

Natural gas in shipping
Silvia Migliorini, Director, Federchimica – Assogasliquidi

The energy transition in the maritime sector
Federico Rossi, Technical Expert, Assocostieri

Decarbonization of shipping through bio-LNG
Franco Porcellacchia, CEO, Ecospray Technologies

The new infrastructures will make us free
Sara Evangelisti, Project Manager, Gas&Heat

Technological innovation as a source of development
Antonio de Feo, Director, Bureau Veritas

Title TBA
Andrea La Mattina, Of Counsel, BonelliErede

The solution of LNG in the ports of MedCruise
Valeria Mangiarotti, Wista Italy

Energy security comes from the sea
Gian Carlo Poddighe, Vice President, CESMAR