9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
📍National Archaeological Museum of Naples - MANN

THE SEA AND THE WATER OF NEAPOLIS. Heritage Community Network towards a diffused and shared museum

Organised by CNR IRISS, The International Propeller Clubs and the Archaeological Museum of Naples

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Objectives and contents

The initiative is developed within the Memorandum of Understanding related to the project ‘The sea and the water of Neapolis’ with the aim of enhancing the “freshwater” and “saltwater” routes. The conference will be the occasion to present the project, which configures itself as a diffused and shared museum, in which cultural sites linked to the sea and the water of Neapolis have been interconnected.

Starting from a section of the MANN dedicated to the Mediterranean “yesterday, today and tomorrow”, an itinerary is being defined focused on water as the founding element first of the Greek poleis, then of the Roman urbes up to the present day.

The project links “The World of Men”, “The World of Gods and Myth”, “The Symbols of Water in the Sky”, “The Underwater Archaeology ante litteram” and “Water Towards an Idea of Ecology” through a “Heritage Community Network” consisting of the sites of the OBVIA ExtraMANN project (Out Of Boundaries Viral Art Dissemination,) the Port of Naples (in cooperation with the Port System Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea and Terminal Napoli), museums and archaeological sites.


Registration (9.00 – 9.30)

Introduction and Greetings (9.30 – 10.00)

Paolo Giulierini, Director of  the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Luisella Pavan-Woolfe, Head of Council of Europe Office in Venice


Presentation of the project (10.00-10.30)

Gaia Daldanise, CNR IRISS

Stefano Fusco, Associazione VerginiSanità


Roundtable (10.30-12.30)


Eleonora Giovene di Girasole, CNR IRISS

Daniela Savy, University of Naples Federico II


Actors involved

Andrea Annunziata President of the Port System Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Marina Albanese Director of Laboratory for Urban and Landscape Planning (LUPT), University of Naples Federico II, Tommaso Cognolato CEO Terminal Napoli, Caterina Arcidiacono President Friends of Molo San Vincenzo, Giuseppe Brancaccio Augustissima Arciconfraternita dei Pellegrini, Alessandro Castagnaro aniai Campania (National Association of Italian Engineers and Architects), Maria Cerreta Director of the Master in Sustainable Planning and Design of Port Areas, University of Naples Federico II, Giuseppe Coccia Secretary General Propeller Clubs, Massimo Faella Respiriamo Arte, Raffaelle Iovine Director of the Basilica di Pietrasanta, Maurizio Simeone Parco Sommerso di Gaiola, Vincenzo Porzio Catacombe di San Gennaro*, Pippo Pirozzi VerginiSanità, Gennaro Rispoli Director of the Museum of Sanitary Arts of Naples


Conclusions (12.30 – 13.00)

Massimo Clemente, Director of CNR IRISS and Scientific Director of RETE

Umberto Masucci, President of the Propeller Club Port of Naples and of the Naples Shipping Week

Paolo Giulierini, Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples


Visit the Museum (13.00 – 14.00)


*To Be Confirmed

Scientific and organizing committee: Massimo Clemente, Gaia Daldanise, Stefano Fusco, Paolo Giulierini, Eleonora Giovene di Girasole, Umberto Masucci, Daniela Savy

Scientific and organizing secretariat: Emanuela Motta, Rita Carfagna, Stefano Carotenuto, Valeria Catanese, Angelina Di Tota, Emanuela De Simone, Benedetta Ettorre, Antonio Marino, Angela Petrillo

This programme is a draft and may be subject to change