Friday, September 30th

2.30 p.m. - 4 p.m.


General assembly of trainers for the maritime professions, an unprecedented meeting between the actors of the entire chain of preparation for the professions of the sea, from the promotion of the very young and their parents towards the passion for  the sea, through the Nautical Institutes, the academies and finally the qualifying courses for certifications and continuous training.


Eugenio Massolo, President, Fondazione Accademia Italiana Marina Mercantile
Maurizio De Cesare, Editor-in-chief, Porto&Interporto

Title TBA
Adm. Donato Marzano, National President, Lega Navale Italiana

Development plans and recruitment difficulties. Is the human factor in crisis?
Paola Vidotto, General Manager, Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile

Title TBA
Salvatore Gambardella, President, Associazione Italiana Armatori Trasporto Passeggeri

Associations and Training: the new frontier of human resource development. An opportunity for young people
Michele Savani, Logistics Sector Division Manager, Gi Group
Mauro Nicosia, HR Commission Vice President, Assiterminal and President, Confetra Sicilia

Roadmap towards a sustainable strategy for future-proof skills in the maritime sector
Fabrizio Monticelli, Administrator, ForMare

The impact of the Covid pandemic on seafarers health
Isabella De Martini, Ship’s doctor and former Member of the European Parliament, Wista Italy