2.30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
📍Salerno Maritime Station


Organised by CUGRI and ATENA

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The seminar follows and develops the themes that were presented within the framework of the Shipping Weeks in 2020 (Naples) and 2021 (Genoa); it aims to provide an updated vision of the meteorological origins, of the effects and of the consequences of the so-called "exceptional” storm events. New techniques of measurement, analysis and atmospheric and marine modeling are now available to predict with reasonable advance the occurrence of extreme sea states, and the forecasts are timely disseminated and made public both through official channels (meteo offices) and through private ship routing services. These scientific advances impact on various regulatory, managerial and legal aspects: for example, the possibility of early warning of extreme events places a greater responsibility on ship owners and ship captains, thus making insuring compensation; on the other hand, the reliability of the forecasts makes the “force majeure” clause more difficult to sustain in
the event of suspension of services. Another important aspect is that of the design of ships, ports and offshore structures has become more accurate and reliable thanks to the new numerical and laboratory methods: this will bear consequences on the regulations (RINA, Lloyds, Veritas etc) which must be updated on the basis of the most recent progress on the evaluation of
extreme waves and on the impact mechanics.
The seminar will be held in Italian-A limited possibility of translation from and into English will be available for the discussion. The seminar is part of the professional training program of the Italian Engineering Council.
Scientific Committee: Fabio Dentale – President (CUGRI-UNISA), Alberto Moroso (ATENA), Eugenio Pugliese Carratelli (CUGRI-
UNISA), Giovanni Besio (UNIGE)


2:00 pm Registration
2:30 pm Greetings
Rappresentative of the Central Tyrrhenian Port Authority (to be confirmed)
Port of Salerno Harbourmaster (to be confirmed))
Alberto Moroso (President of ATENA- Italian Association of Maritime Engineers)
Maurizio De Cesare (President of the Salerno Propeller Club)
Raffaele Tarateta (President of the Salerno Engineering Council)
3:00 pm Technical Session “Understanding and forecasting storm events". Chairman: Giovanni Besio
Aeronautica Militare (speaker to be confirmed): “ The role of the Italian Air Force Meteorological Service in forecasting sea
Antonio Ricchi (University of Aquila): “Real-time monitoring, predictability and alerts of sea states”
Lorenzo Mentaschi (University of Bologna): “Validation of wave models"”
4:00 pm Technical Session “Wave impact”
Guido Benassai (Parthenope University): “Safety of port facilities: influence of extreme waves"
Marco Altosole ( Federico II University of Naples): “Safety of offshore structures: influence of extreme waves"
Elena Valentino (Central Tyrrhenian Port Authority): “La gestione dei danni da mareggiata sulle strutture portuali-
Angela Di Leo/Fabio Dentale (University of Salerno): “Numerical computational techniques of the wave impact"
5:20 pm Coffee Break
5:40 Technical Session “Damage and liability”
Giovanni Puppo (RINA): “Damage and liability in the operation of ship and freight”
Giovanni Facchini (Lercari Marine): “Damage to goods in adverse marine weather conditions and considerations on insurance
Lorenzo Campanella Castelvecchi (Vittoria Assicurazioni): “Extreme events: insurance profiles for shipowners, marinas and
Speaker to be defined: “Legal aspects of damage caused by extreme events"”
7:00 Discussion – Moderatore: Alberto Moroso (President fo ATENA)
7:20 pm Closing of the seminar
On. Fulvio Bonavitacola (to be confirmed- Vice President of the Campania Region)
Ing. Luca Cascone (Councillor and Public Work Committe of the Campania Region)

This programme is a draft and may be subject to change