Friday, September 30th

4:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.


In collaboration with USCLAC-UNCDIM-SMACD

The USCLAC-UNCDIM-SMACD union organizes an experts discussion panel to bring everyone’s attention to two very important issues for seafarers, which unfortunately still do not find practical answers.
The first one is the recognition of maritime work as a wearing one, a historic battle of the union, which it intends to carry on until the final victory: despite the broad sharing of the recognition request throughout the shipping community, the practical way of communicating the request at an institutional level is still cumbersome and this is an opportunity to bring the issue back firmly on the political agenda.
The second issue is the right to access to the ballots for the shipping community, which is in practice  denied even though it is guaranteed for other categories of workers who are in similar conditions, far from their place of residence. We hope that those at the end of September will be the last elections in which seafarers serving on board ships or in ports cannot cast their vote.


Riccardo Masnata, Journalist

Introductory remarks
Claudio Tomei, President, USCLAC


Giovanni Massimiliano Consoli, Director of General Affairs and Maritime Policy, Assarmatori
Mariachiara Sormani, Human Resources and Industrial Relations Service, Confitarma
Speech by Assoporti
Gabriele Uselli, Pension Central Director, INPS*
Paolo Galli, Lawyer
Speech by Studio Cerrito*

* to be confirmed